Watch this space for upcoming STEAM lessons and activities about anamorphosis, visual illusions and optical physics.

Over the years I’ve acquired countless fascinating items from fans, friends, social media, and my own research – photos of incredible anamorphic street art, the murderous history of mirrors, dire mirror superstitions, awesome visual magic, fun optical illusion art lessons, and much more. For example, here are some stunners:

  • One out of every seven people can decode morphs mentally, without a mirror, much to the astonishment and admiration of their peers! (See my piece in S.T.E.M. Magazine, page 43.)
  • Mirror superstitions (more terrible than seven years of bad luck) are still believed today by millions of people around the world!
  • Anamorphic street art –  a concept five hundred years old  –  is actually trending globally!
Recently, art educators in Singapore asked me to create a novel curriculum – one that capitalizes on students’ intrinsic curiosity about all these topics.

I have been doing just that! My approach is a radical departure from DBAE – the narrow Discipline-Based Art Education that focuses on art production, art history, art criticism, and aesthetics. I am organizing materials into organic, valid, interest-motivated interdisciplinary studies that link STEAM to history, social studies, language arts, and actual products even Harry Potter would delight in. This is a long-term project. Feel free to contribute!