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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 11 × .1 in

4-Dot Challenge, At the Library, Bareback Riders, Baseball, Basketball, Beat the Heat, Beetle Battle, Bicycling, Bicycle Act, Bowling Maze, Boxing Kangaroos, Brontosaurus, Bullfrog, Camel Cowboy, Camping, Canoeing, Caterpillar, Celebrating the Win, Celebration, Circus, Circus Banner, Circus Train, Clean-Up Crew, Clown Car, Convertible, Crabbing, Dandelions, Daredevil Motorcyclists, Dinosaurs, Diving and Swimming, Doggy Swimmer, Down Time, Dragonfly, Duck Pins Bowling Maze, Duckbill Dinos, Dinosaurs, Elephant, Fairies, Fairies Gathering Dandelion Puffs, Fairies Napping, Fairy in Caterpillar Scarf, Fairy Riding Dragonfly, Figure Skating, Fire Eaters, Fireworks, Fish, Fish Tank, Flying Kites, Flying Trapeze, Football, Frogs, Gardening, Giant Roller Wheel, Giggle Fits, Giraffe, Good Sport!, Gymnastics, Halloween, Happy Birdie, Help! Save me!, High Wire Bicycle Act, Hiking, Hippos, Hot Air Ballooning, Hydrant Spray, Ice Skating, Imps Teasing Bullfrog, Jam Session, Jugglers, Kangaroos, Kites, Kitties, Kittens, Large Morphed Grid, Library, Making Up Sports, Maze – Bowling, Maze – Seal, Mermaid, Mid Night Snacks, Model Plane Rescue, Monkey, Morphed Head, Nutcrackers, Olympics Fireworks, Pajama Party, Parade, Parakeets, Pets, Pillow Fight, Pirates, Play Space, Playful Pup, Pony, Predict (sailboat), Predict (tree), Princess, Pterodactyls, Puppy Tug-o-War, Rock Climbing, Roller Coaster, Roller Hockey, Runway, Sailboat, Skateboard Winners, Skateboarding, Snorkeling, Soap Box Derby, Soccer, Space Camp, Sports, Stegosaurus, Stilt Walker, Surfing, Swimming, Swinging, T Rex, TaeKwonDo, Thanks a Bunch!, Ticket Booth, Track, Trapeze Act, Triceratops, Tug-o-War, Uh oh Kitties, Volleyball, Watching Frogs