Kit: Sports of All Sorts


For ages 5-15+ Click image to view more.

  • Winner of 6 National Top Toy Awards!
  • Sparks Imagination and Creativity
  • Flexes Problem-Solving Mental Muscles
  • Exercises Fine Motor Hand-Eye Skills
  • Develops Logic and Perception Skills
  • Challenges Spatial Intelligence
  • Tests Analytical Abilities
  • Totally Child-Safe, Made in America

The Sports Kit contains:

32 Varied Morphed Sports Activities
2 Mirror Decoders
16 Non-Toxic Crayons
Instructions in English, Spanish & French
An Enrichment Guide with Vocabulary


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Adored by boys and girls, tweens, teens, parents and STEAM and STEM Education Teachers! Make color appear in the right shapes in the reflections by finding and crayoning the correct up-side-down morphed shapes on the paper! There’s connect morphed dots, complete morphed pictures, navigate  a morphed maze, draw your own morph, slant art, a funny “slider” and our totally mind-messing 4-Dot Challenge – a snap for some five year-olds that utterly stymies some adults! Left-brainers love figuring out how morphs are made! Right-brainers love our twist on coloring! Hours of Unique, Engaging Independent Play. Not too easy. Not too hard. And definitely not boring!

Additional information

Weight 21 oz
Dimensions 12.75 × 9.5 × 1.5 in