PTA – Your Students’ Art Morphed for Custom Coloring Book Fundraiser

  • Unique Fundraising Art Project
  • Every Grade Can Participate
  • Genuine Educational Value
  • Easy Entrepreneurial Fun
  • No Up-Front Costs
  • Over 50% Profit
Excitement and School Pride

Your students’ art! Morphed and reproduced as your school’s own anamorphic coloring book! Sold to friends, family and the community! Children’s own skills and talents earning money and praise!




Fundraising for “Electives” and “Extras”

Today people are having second thoughts about selling sweets as a way to raise money for children’s “electives” and “extras.” And when many local schools sell the same items, like wrapping paper or photo mugs, well, buyers burn out. OOZ & OZ has an alternative – a fundraiser project that offers students genuinely creative activities, plus engaging academics and fun entrepreneurial opportunities. The real cornerstones of a vital educational system.

My Background: Art Teacher, Award-Winning Toy Inventor, Fundraiser Designer

As a life-long educator passionate about the necessity of creative outlets in the curriculum, I wondered how I might help. A brainstorm! What if students created their own morphed coloring pages to sell? They would do their own 5″ square drawings! I would donate morphing services. Drawings can be done in any grade, in any culture, at school, during extended care or at home. They can be interdisciplinary, tied to any unit of study, or be the student’s own choice of subject.

PTA Participation

OOZ & OZ provides simple, sequenced project guides, marketing materials, sales forms and an order fulfillment check list. PTA volunteers copy morphs and comb-bind them in a coloring book format with existing school equipment. BONUS PAGES: participating schools receive a custom morph of their very own mascot for use as the coloring book cover plus a page of  fascinating facts about anamorphoscopes – the centuries-old optical illusion device used by Renaissance artists and spies to hide secret images in plain sight, and very inspiration for this coloring book!

Is Your PTA Ready for a Fresh, New Fundraising Project?

Would your PTA families favor students selling their OWN unique, creative, educational products over other people’s commercial stuff? Are they open to an entrepreneurial venture in which children and parents can take genuine pride?

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