Remember the Marilyn Monroe morph in my July 4th post?

Remember when I said that on average about 1 person out of every 7 people can instantly identify Marilyn Monroe without using a mirror decoder? I was wrong. Turns out it depends on the folks who show up!

When you find yourself demoing at the Seattle Mini Maker Faire, half of your visitors are super brainy/creative, already mentally flexible types (i.e. my kind of fun folks). That 1 in 7 prediction? Unh uh. More like 1 in 4 or even 1 in 3. Catch this.  A trio of gals landed in front of my decoder-less demo and all three saw Marilyn at once! And yes, some other people nearby were dumbfounded!Morph of Marilyn Monroe

Should I try posting some other morphs for your entertainment?  Leave me suggestions in the comments below.