The most exciting interactive art today in public and private spaces – hands down – is anamorphic art – in all its variations! Google alerts show it’s spreading across the globe like wildfire! Anamorphic art inspires with its ingenuity. The great thing about it in a down economy is that it requires next to no outlay for materials. What it does require, though, are creative thinking, visual planning and the willingness to risk trial and error.

Last June, I shared a post entitled “Deception – It’s All in Your Point of View”, two students’ homage to Felice Varini, world-renown master of large anamorphic art installations. But my personal hero these days is Brusspup. He has just made the concept classroom-sized, and by adding a final surprise element, created a totally engaging potential art project project any teacher could adapt to stimulate all ages… if one had the mind to.