Optical Illusion Carpet in Paris Video Game StoreThe latest sensation in interior design is trippy floor covering!
Every floor you’re seeing is 100% code flat! From the seismic shift carpet on the left, spotted in a Paris video game store, to the gentle waves in the new ballroom of the Marriott Solana in Southlake, Texas – it’s clever 2-D patterning that makes them look 3-D.  That’s what tricks the eye, messes with the mind, and challenges the balance. Don’t look down and you’ll be fine. (Let’s hope these businesses have good liability insurance!)

Optical Illusion Floor seen in Japan  Optical Illusion carpet - Marriott Solana – in Southlake, Texas

And if a garden meditation spot is a bit too serene for your taste, the other extreme is this backyard deck designed by Berkeley-based architect Thom Faulders – commissioned by Apple exec and art collector Jeff Dauber, who “wanted someone to barf when they look at it.”

Optical Illusion deck floor for Apple Exec, Jeff Dauber These are definitely not recommended for Tai Chi studios or senior citizen housing!