The following review of Morph-O-Scopes Kits appeared  in the September 2010 CoolMomPicks.
We learned of it only recently! The review is reprinted here with permission of Liz Gumbinner, Publisher, Editor-in-Chief of

shop“I’m not going to lie to you: When I opened the Morph-O-Scopes Kit box my daughter received for her birthday one year, I was unimpressed. Some crayons. A shiny cup. And a bunch of coloring pages, the images all stretched out and weird looking.

Honestly I expected to find it all discarded on the floor within 10 minutes.

Color me surprised (with or without a shiny cup!) when this optical illusion activity and art kit kept both children happily occupied for days. You put the reflective cup in the center of the paper, and then you can view the “normal” reflected image so you can see what the distorted outline on the paper can become. I know that sounds complicated – just look at the website and it all becomes clear.

The kids just think it’s cool and nifty, but the setup of checking out the reflection and then working on the original paper is actually honing their fine motor skills and spatial reasoning. And that’s aside from keeping them busy and out of your hair for hours on end. -Mir

You can purchase Morph-O-Scopes kits directly from manufacturer OOZ & OZ, or from our affiliate, Amazon.”