Joseph Egan and Hunter Thompson are first year Graphic Design Communication Students currently studying at Chelsea College of Art & Design in London.

Exploring the relationship between graphic design and architecture, they learned about master artist Felice Varini‘s amazing anamorphic work – a form of optical illusion that lures the viewer into a unique, immersive 3-D physical experience which, when that viewer arrives at a predetermined end point, delivers the appearance of a flat 2-D printing. It's More - 5

Egan and Thompson selected an ideal architectural space within the college buildings to execute their project installation.

Egan shares, “When planning an anamorphic installation is it important to consider that to maximize the fracturing of the design, it is best to try and touch as many planes as possible. We eventually decided to carry out our installation in a corridor of our college (as shown in the images) using the long walls to maximize the distortion of the letter forms. All of our work is site specific and we spend as long as possible discussing a choosing the perfect architectural locations for our works.”

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What fun it would have been for me to watch them figure out the projections!


What I love about this kind of art is the surprise –  turning the annoyance viewers feel trying to figure out what’s going on here into complete delight as they gradually move  into a place where all the pieces coalesce!

Please let me know of anyone in this country who’s doing anamorphic typography! I’m dying to watch the process in person!