The dictionary defines “redux” as “restored” or “brought back”.  Here are two little stories about Easter eggs redux.

Crushed easter egg restoredEaster Egg Restored
“It” happened the last time my daughter and I decorated eggs.  “It” was completely my fault. I accidentally crushed one of our creations.  Oh my goodness!  Such tears from one little girl!  I felt simply terrible and I promised that I’d fix the egg immediately.

Calling on my experience as an archeological artist on a dig in the Middle East, I set about resurrecting the egg. I found a similarly sized intact shell to use as an armature. Each shard was positioned and glued in place on the armature shell.  It actually turned out to be a shared fun experience!  More than that, I think my daughter learned a small but precious lesson in determination and creative problem solving.

Easter Eggs Brought Back
Nestled under the attic insulation of the last home I Antique Painted Metal Easter Eggsbought was a small trove of antique toys. Among them were three metal Easter eggs from England, carefully hand painted in front (no decals, no stencils) and speckled in back like blue jays’ eggs. As you can see, the details were painted by attentive eyes and delicate hands.  I feel such a profound personal connection with artisans who craft playthings with love.

Also found were these two charming little Easter basket purses. Easter Egg Basket Purses