I really shouldn’t feel guilty.  After all, I was having some big life events: a “totaled” car,  near loss of my nonagenarian mom, and my own double hernia surgery (followed by nasty post-op UTIs and two re-injured cervical disks. (Thank you, anesthesiologist!)  Good times.

So, yeah, I have excuses. Nonetheless, dear readers, you’ve been in my thoughts.  Thanks to Dulce R, a new customer and fan.

I often demo my Morph-O-Scopes at the Ventures store in Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market.  Dulce blew me away recently with her exquisite hand-printing on my sign-up sheet. It reminded me I had been collecting videos and images of fine motor and gross motor calligraphy – in all media – for educators who, like me, believe in the benefits of penmanship training. A trending subject, believe it or not.

So, from my personal file “Calligraphy – Lost and Found”  – brilliant examples!   Enjoy!   Share!

PEN & INK (above)  video:     More of Sebastian Lester’s incredible artistry

BROOM & WATER video:     “Calligrafitti” by Niels Shoe Meulman

LIGHT & DANCE: (below)  As Adrianna de Barros states:   “…combine break dancing with light painting and this is what you get!” “Polish photographer Joanna Jaskolska swears that the only use of Photoshop was for color correction.”


jaskolska-03    jaskolska-01