It’s an old visual trick: precisely parallel lines on a transparent sheet slid over specially striated images create the illusion of motion.

But Brusspup always delivers fresh fun. In this new video he makes a ring transform to revolving balls and change color! Ovals become rotating cogs. A cylinder turns into a swiveling cube. He’s also achieved the feeling of speeding through a checkered tunnel, a soaring super hero, and a walking Tyrannosaurus Rex so real that even Brusspup’s cat wanted to get at it!

Brusspup generously provides links here for several illusions so you can print and try the animations yourself: parallel lines template*, revolving balls, checkered tunnel, rotating cogs, superhero.

*The parallel lines template must be printed onto a transparency sheet.  The other images may be printed on paper. It’s important that you print everything at the same size for the motion effect to work properly.

Have fun, fellow fans! And Happy Holidays!