Need to decorate for Halloween on a shoestring?  Check out these optical illusion assemblages by artist James Hopkins. His series of compositions named “Vanitas” are comprised of household objects arranged on plain bookshelves to form images of skulls. What a clever job of seeing forms of objects (freed from their everyday use). To Hopkins, teeth are simply a series of verticals – sometimes goblets, sometimes beer bottles, sometimes book spines. Have fun playing “I Spy” with all these images.

James Hopkins skull assemblage 5James Hopkins skull assemblage 1James Hopkins skull assemblage 6


Feeling more motivated? This spooky three-story abandoned Victorian house was created by artist Mike Doyle from Lego blocks.  No Lego piece was painted, cut, glued or otherwise altered. The structure uses over 50,000 Lego pieces –  black, white, dark and blue-gray, clear transparent and smoky black transparent. It took Mike nearly 600 hours to build. Lego Haunted House by Mike Doyle