“Let’s Gang Up and Keep Making Fun of Optical Physics!”

Dear Friends and Fans,

A couple decades ago, a just-divorced, financially strapped mom had a dream. It didn’t start as her dream. It started as a simple idea to create affordable optical illusion coloring fun for her daughter’s 7th birthday party. The dream sprang from the astonishment and excitement of the children at the party who were playing with anamorphic art for the very first time. Amazed parents practically ordered this mom to start a business. Which she did. And she called it “OOZ & OZ.”

My dream, my mission, ever since that day, has been creating brain-powered, fun optical physics science and art coloring activities that surprise and delight and teach and challenge children – just enough. Smart parents and grandparents know that good learning toys deliver all these, and that the best learning toys keep on engaging long after the latest fads and batteries have died. Smart teachers know that early STEM tech training is essential in preparing kids for a competitive global marketplace.  Welcome to my niche!

Today, after earning 25 national educational toy awards, universal kudos from parents, kids, educators and child development experts, and winning Oprah’s “Build Your Own Business” contest, this indie small business owner is struggling in a toxic economy to keep her dream alive. To survive the tough times I have launched an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign for financial help and encouragement:

Let’s Gang Up and Keep Making Fun of Optical Physics! The campaign begins June 21, and runs for 60 days. My goal is to raise a total of $26,700.

Please click the link above to view my campaign. It explains my goals and how the money is to be used. If you love what you read and salivate over the delicious campaign perks, I would be so terribly grateful for your contributions and/or your social media support. Please spread the word, asap! With your help OOZ & OZ will again stand on its own two feet and continue to benefit our most precious resource – the children.

Important Indiegogo Advice!

“To show up on the Indiegogo browse page, you must raise first funds within two days of launching and keep the campaign active. Fully-funded campaigns usually raise at least 30% of their funds from friends and family….”