Sunday evening, I joined my dearest friends for a sense-sational candle-lit birthday dinner at Salty’s overlooking Elliott Bay. Seattle skyline party lights rippled across gentle waves. Reflections of our candle flames and balloons danced in the dark picture windows. The scene shimmered and twinkled. Little Lydia climbed into my lap to see the magic with me.  At that very moment, right before our eyes, the couple across from our table became engaged. The glow from their cell phone spotlighted their beaming faces as they shared the exciting news.  A beautiful cameo framed in onyx.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here are two of my favorite light and shadow love images. I adore this photographer’s “Shadows Kiss” because the shot was utterly serendipitous!  A fleeting moment of secret desire captured for eternity by an alert viewer and a curious pup.

This clever and delightful “Ring and Shadow” always evokes smiles.  It, too, inspires us to think about what’s beyond the obvious visual plane and be more aware of cast shadows.

Shadow Art is an exciting new area of sculptural photography.  If you like these shadow art images, in future posts I’ll share more.  Have you created or found any you want to see here ?