Moire pattern

Moiré effect optical illusion

A moiré effect optical illusion results from two static transparent patterns sliding across each other – like layers of shear nylon fabric. As the overlapped layers move independently, new patterns form. The GIF on the left shows how superimposed parallel lines create the optical illusion effect of bands compressing and expanding. Using the moiré effect John Leung cleverly printed a glass coffee table with a parallel line interference pattern and a rug with offset fish

Video Credit: Caitlin Stier, video intern at New Scientist TV……….

images.  The table and the rug – separated by a distance of about 18 inches – serve as the static layers in Leung’s design. To reposition the layers in relationship to each other (and animate the carp) an observer merely needs to move his viewpoint! Interference points between the table and the rug trick your mind and your eye into perceiving motion beneath the table.  Leung’s Magic Carp-pet was named winner of the Red Dot Design Award: Best of the Best 2011.

I must have replayed this video a dozen times!  This is my kind of eye candy!  How about you?