by Melissa Williamson, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine®

“My girls get excited about anything art and science related. When the Morph-O-Scopes Circus Kit arrived on our doorstep, the girls couldn’t wait to get their hands on it! This fabulous kit entertained my little ladies (ages 12, 10, and 8) for well over an hour. In addition to being incredibly unique and just downright fun, the combination of art, science, and even some history made this an incredibly versatile addition to many different disciplines.” Read the full Review here.

  • Morph-O-Scopes Circus Kit box 2017“a great jumping off point for discussions on how the eye and brain translate visual information.”
  • “an incredible addition to an art history unit. If you study history sequentially, this would fit perfectly with the Renaissance and early explorers.”
  • “the coloring pages are reproducible for personal or classroom use – a huge bonus for anyone using the kit with more than one child.”