Stella McCartney Optical Illusion dress Optical illusion clothes are sizzling!  The optical illusion dress worn by Kate Winslet (left) at the 68th Venice Film Festival last month has been creating lots of steamy press.  It’s the Stella McCartney Bicolour Octavia, and it’s clever white “uplift” panel and black side panels make the wearer’s body appear va-va-voom hourglass slender. A contour dressAt the right –  another designer’s slimming optical illusion style.

Now check out the runway eye popper below!Floating Optical Illusion dress Can you figure out how the special floating effect was created?

For the rest of us gals there are shaded jeans to shave inches off thighs and compassionate boudoir fashions. optical illusion shaded jeansOptical Illusion T-shirt


Next post –   “shadow” knitting – a SO COOL optical illusion fashion technique that produces patterns that vary with the direction of viewing.