The first video below – Brusspup’s Rubik’s Cube – went viral this year. I know because customers from all over the world who loved and bought Morph-O-Scopes from me at the Ventures Store in Seattle’s Pike Place Market were excited to share the video as “this other totally cool anamorphic thing on YouTube!”  We gushed about more optical illusion discoveries, bonded instantly, and became head and heart friends.  (They’re rooting for me and for OOZ & OZ. Made me promise to email them if I get a second (yes, second) call-back from ABC’s Shark Tank.)

For the last three of you out there who have not yet seen Brusspup’s Rubik’s Cube video, watch it first. Then watch Brusspup’s delightful “spin” on the technique for Ray-Ban – also going viral!  Everyone, prepare to be blown away!