Three days ago, the new, easier-to-navigate website went live! And two Saturdays ago, my daughter got married. As the only person with a station wagon, I was the default go-fer for cases of wine, ladders, seating, etc.  What fun! What exciting beginnings!

I couldn’t squeeze blog posts into the schedule, but boy did I collect a pile of clever stuff, optical illusion fun, beloved toys, and left and right brain delights to share with you!

Halloween appleWhile I was busy growing my business and my family, these seasonal Halloween apples were busy growing in the UK.

Early in the growing season,  a bag is placed around every apple. As the apple develops, it grows larger, of course, but since it’s shielded from the sun, its skin doesn’t ripen.

When the apple is full size, the bag is removed and a small mask is affixed to each apple. The mask is likely a transparent sticker printed with opaque ink.

The apple ripens within a few weeks, but the skin beneath the opaque ink remains pale. A charming way to welcome fall.

It takes me back to a summer twenty plus years ago, when my little daughter, after a fun day in the sun in her new little white bathing suit with the nickel-sized black polka dots, came in for her bath…. Our discovery became a funny art lesson!