Graphic artist Erika Iris Simmons works in wonderfully unconventional media.

She likes to take things- random thingsMarilyn Monroe by Erika Iris Simmons –  like you would find at a garage sale or in a thrift store – and make them into composite art. “Most of my pieces become portraits of people associated with the item I’ve chosen. I don’t really add any paint or pigments….”

She says she usually just takes things apart and re-arranges them in weird ways, cutting away unnecessary pieces, but she’s being too modest. Look closely at Marilyn – it’s lines formed of clipped film footage.  How sensitively the optical soundtrackartist positions the dark (sound track) edges up in some places for emphasis, and light edges up in others as to curve Marilyn’s jaw line.  Darkest clips for deep shadow, and just the snippet of a contour suggestion of arm and shoulder.

The Beatles by Erika SimmonsCheck out the Beatles (constructed of old audio tape), Mozart, Jimi Hendrix, and more in Erika’s gallery. I’m inspired. I’m a fan!  How about you?