Pixel Pete - close up of section of Rubik's Cube mosaic mural

“Dream Big” was a year-long project in which “Pixel Pete” Fecteau created a brilliant mosaic of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. using 4,242 manipulated Rubik’s Cubes!  Fecteau created the installation for ArtPrize2010 – Grand Rapids, Michigan’s fabulous annual art competition. Exhibit attendees’ votes determined the winner. “Dream Big” made it to the top 50 of 1,700+ submissions. Watch the video below to see the whole process.

“Dream Big” – one of the world’s largest Rubik’s Cube mosaics – was created with the help of YouCanDoTheRubiksCube, First Park Congregational Church, The Student Advancement Foundation and Cooley Law School. The artist obtained crowd-funding financing for his project through Kickstarter.

Check out the 2011 winner – a stunning Crucifixion stained glass mosaic by Mia Tavonatti.

What’s the most unconventional medium you’ve ever seen or worked in? Disassembled electronics? Dryer lint? Mud pies?  I will share your artistic explorations and celebrate your courageous creativity here!