As Chief Morphology Officer at OOZ & OZ, I have decided to create this blog to share with you my passion for mirror art and toys and other optical illusions.

Optical illusions, inventive images, mind-challenging toys thrill and fascinate me. They tickle my gray matter, spark my imagination, tug at my curiosity and flat-out make me happy.

I adore the timelessness of great ideas and toys. Take this brilliant stove-top arrangement by Jack Bonds in 1956!

Brilliant photo arrangement by Jack Bonds 1956 I love it because Bonds made something marvelous and spellbinding by simply finding the right angle from which to observe a reflection on two shiny pots.

I’ll be on the lookout for and posting clever stuff, like Jack’s image, as well as ingenious videos, trompe-l’oeil drawings, paintings, cartoons and whatever else I come by that makes us rethink what we see and how we see it.  I hope you’ll forward any great examples or images to me that you may come across.

I’ll also be blogging about timeless toys of all kinds. I am particularly fond of them.  Wind-up mechanical toys, Yo-Yos, tops, Hula Hoops, Slinkys.  They taught me about practical physics and about play with no batteries needed.  I’ll be posting photos of favorites from my own modest collection.  I look forward to hearing from you about your favorite toys and memories of playing with them.

From time to time, weightier commentary may elbow its way into the blog, as when I find myself yelling, “prove it” at the media or toy advertising claims.

Because I wear a lot of hats at OOZ & OZ, I don’t have much time for writing so my posting “schedule” will be organic. I hope you’ll visit the blog often, and comment. For your convenience, you may want to subscribe.