Party Fun Pack: Princess Pony


For ages 5-15+


  • Easy Peasy Tabletop Entertainment!
  • No Stress, No Mess for Party Hosts.
  • Gender Neutral! Adored by All Ages!
  • Quick Activity Set-Up. Simple Mirror Assembly.
  • Low Cost Fun and Favors about $2 Per Guest!
  • Totally Child-Safe.  Made in America.

The Princess Pony Party Pack contains:

8  Morphed Princess Pony Coloring Placemats
with Themed Border
8  Mirror Decoders
8  4-Dot Challenge Bonus Activities

Have a larger group of guests?
Order another 30 Mirror Decoders here.


“Oooh neat! I really like this! My dad thinks it’s cool also!” “The activity went for almost two hours! When the girls were done coloring they passed around the placemats to see what each other had done.” “I love your product! I’ve been doing parties for 6 years and this is fantastic.”

Morph-O-Scopes Party Fun Pack activities are a party giver’s dream! They’re fresh. They’re intriguing. They’re fun. They’re green. They’re quiet!  They can entertain guests waiting for latecomers or eager for cake and ice cream. And there’s no mess to clean up!

Here’s how they work: You give each guest a placemat with the morphed secret drawing on it.  The drawing is actually a cool cartoon hidden in plain sight; it just needs a decoder – a Mirror Decoder – positioned in its center. Hand out the Decoders and Shazaam! The morphed picture on the placemat is reflected as a charming Princess Pony cartoon in the mirror! Now, to make color appear in the mirror in the right places, kids have to find and crayon the corresponding morphed shapes on the placemat. It’s a giggly, mind-bending hand-eye coordination art activity game. Then there’s our simple, but deceptive, Connect-the-4-Dots challenge – a breeze for some five year-olds, that utterly stymies some adults! Left-brains love figuring out how the morphs are made. Right-brains love the “mirror-aculous“new twist on coloring. That’s it! Phenomenally fun optical illusion party tricks! Oohs and ahhs guaranteed!

Bring your own colored pencils or crayons (not markers), plus blank paper to extend the fun.

Additional information

Weight 6.3 oz
Dimensions 14 × 11 × .2 in