Optical Illusion Fun: Anamorphoscopes, Slant Art & Other Eye-Ticklers

“The brain abhors ambiguity, yet we are curiously attracted to it. Many famous visual illusions exploit ambiguity to titillate the senses. Resolving uncertainties creates a pleasant jolt in your brain, similar to the one you experience in the ‘Eureka!’ moment of solving a problem….” Scientific American article – “Ambiguities and Perception”

Anamorphosis – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Anamorphosis – Planet Perplex. Planet Perplex is a comprehensive collection of optical illusions, impossible objects, hidden images, puzzles and related images.

Octavio Ocampo – Images and Biography

169 Best Illusions – Scientific American book

Emily’s Collection – 13 Mind messing images Emily collected

Takao Trick Art Museum – west of Tokyo, Japan

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Please remember copyrighted images remain the property of the original artists.

Clever Stuff: A Collection of Sites, Sources & Images that Just Delight Me

500 Years of Women in Art – Brilliant face transitions

Between the Folds – An incredible paper folding video

Stop motion animation in a bed – Extremely inventive, with minimal props!

Accidental Discoveries – New, green adhesive

Animal Voiceovers – You’ll want to watch this over and over!

Baby dreams – Adorable tableaux by Adele Enersen

Style Your Garage – Fun alternatives to that boring garage door.

Structural Graphics – Ingenious pop-up marketing pieces

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