Custom Morphing


 Want a custom morph of yourself?

Or how about a laugh-out-loud warped head of your best friend or your boss.  Or maybe a unique delight for a special birthday child?  Her drawing? His school mascot? We can do that for you!  In black & white or full color. Want to dazzle a group? Order another 30 Mirror Decoders. NEW! Now you can also Pick-a-Morph from over 100 morphs in our collection.

Information for Licensees



Just send us your original image.

We morph it to print at standard page size 8-1/2” x 11”. We send your morph to you as both an email attachment and as hard copy. Make as many copies as you like of either morph. Comes with self-hooking Mirror Decoder to reflect your morph perfectly.

Tips for Getting the Best Morph from Your Original Image
  • You’ll get your biggest WOW from a simple, not busy, original image with good contrast.
  • Details at the top of your original image will undergo the most stretching and therefore be the most surprising and the most fun. Details at the bottom of your original will undergo the least stretching and will be most immediately recognized.
  • Keep important details away from the extreme left and right of your original image, because when morphed, details at these edges are difficult to view on a Mirror Decoder.
  • Please reduce any over-sized original image to 5-1/2″ square maximum.
  • Your image should come all the way to the edges of the 5-1/2” square.
  • Don’t include margins within the 5-1/2” square.
Format Submission
  • Your re-sized image should then be submitted at 300 dpi as either a .jpg, .psd or .pdf.
  • Attach the formatted image in an email addressed to
Subjects and Permissions
  • OOZ & OZ reserves the right to decline to morph offensive images.
  • We respect intellectual property laws and will not morph licensed characters (like Spiderman).
  • You have our permission to reprint your custom morph for your own use (not for resale) as often as you wish.


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