DIY Christmas Trees

Culled from one of my favorite blogs – Design Swan – posted 11 Dec 2014 “Christmas is not only a wonderful time to celebrate love and joy with your family and friends, but also a great time to let your creativity flourish. There are plenty of... DIY Christmas Treesread more

Ive got it!

Oh, I wish I were able to afford everything Jony Ive serves up for Apple, but at least I get to drool over products and concepts he and Apple newbie Marc Newson will be concocting for our appreciative palates. Legions of us are terribly grateful for their exquisite... Ive got it!read more

Academics’ Choice Awards

Academics’ Choice Awards™ help parents and educators validate claims such as “better thinking” and “educational toy” with a qualified, scientific and objective approach to evaluation. Academics’ Choice Awards™ bring recognition to the best... Academics’ Choice Awardsread more

Forgive me, followers, for I have sinned (according to the bible of blog). It has been four months since my last post.

I really shouldn’t feel guilty.  After all, I was having some big life events: a “totaled” car,  near loss of my nonagenarian mom, and my own double hernia surgery (followed by nasty post-op UTIs and two re-injured cervical disks. (Thank you,... Forgive me, followers, for I have sinned (according to the bible of blog). It has been four months since my last more

Secret Messages

The Ventures store at Seattle’s Pike Place Market often invites me to come demonstrate my eye-boggling optical illusion art & science kits. For customers to see Morph-O-Scopes secret images, their correct viewing angle is essential. Since kids and parents... Secret Messagesread more

Optical Illusion Dance

It’s universal, our delight with things optical illusion. On 8 марта (March 8), International Women’s Day in Russia, these ladies performed a clever little optical illusion number to the delight of the entire audience. Click the photo to see the video. As... Optical Illusion Danceread more

Love in the Shadows

For this woman (and I’m not alone) receiving chocolates and a dozen long stemmed red roses on Valentine’s Day is a total yawn.  So conventional.  No effort involved.  But some lucky gal’s guy (or guy’s gal or guy’s guy or gal’s gal)... Love in the Shadowsread more

Love is an Optical Illusion

Ambivalent feelings this Valentine’s Day? Read the black letters then read the pink to see the opposite. Ambigrams are extremely clever exercises in graphic design that play with optical illusions, symmetry and visual perception to create images which can be... Love is an Optical Illusionread more

Eye Don’t Think So….

Is it a mermaid surfacing out of sea foam? A frog peeking through bubble spawn? Barbie having a shampoo? None of the above. It’s an optical illusion of an eye-shaped whirlpool, inadvertently captured by Reddit user Liammm.  “Out of boredom” in... Eye Don’t Think So….read more

Summer was a Blur of Activity!

Three days ago, the new, easier-to-navigate website went live! And two Saturdays ago, my daughter got married. As the only person with a station wagon, I was the default go-fer for cases of wine, ladders, seating, etc.  What fun! What exciting beginnings!... Summer was a Blur of Activity!read more

Digital Choreography

Ingenious performance art from the old Tonight Show.  I missed it the first time around not being a regular viewer. Thanks to Bernie DeKoven (Major Fun) we get to enjoy this delightfully timeless bit. [youtube... Digital Choreographyread more

This is an SOS

“SOS: Save our Supplies” is a video for DOC2DOCK, “a non-profit organization that saves usable medical supplies from being discarded in the U.S. and sends them to hospitals in the developing world.”  The silk screened words on Kraft-faced... This is an SOSread more

Anamorphosis Smarty Pants!

Gutsy enough to send  corrections to a dictionary or encyclopedia? What do you think of people who do? Are they just “smarty pants”? Well, meet Smarty Pants Me! Decades ago I sent a note to  Webster’s New World Dictionary about their strangely illustrated abacus.  As... Anamorphosis Smarty Pants!read more

Decorated Eggs Redux

The dictionary defines “redux” as “restored” or “brought back”.  Here are two little stories about Easter eggs redux. Easter Egg Restored “It” happened the last time my daughter and I decorated eggs.  “It” was completely my fault. I accidentally... Decorated Eggs Reduxread more

Wait! Watch Your Step!

This mind blowing PhotoShopped image was sent to me by a friend who shares my passion for optical illusion art.  I Googled the photo credit and was blown away (fortunately, not like the guy below) by Worth 1000’s creative photo contest entries. Check ’em... Wait! Watch Your Step!read more