Reviewers’ Kudos

Circus Kit Reviews Holiday Gift Guide “Simply put, kids love these.” “Some of our toy testers’ most enthusiastic responses this year were from their trial of Morph-O-Scopes.” “A rainy day kid-pleaser.” “…engages children in artful explorations of optical physics….” “…innovative and engaging art kits….” “…four-year-old testers got it right away. Older children marveled over how it worked.”

Asperger’s Play Guide Review “Morph-O-Scopes sound really cool…and actually deliver…and I can see why.” “Nolan (age 6) was excited to try the Morph-O-Scopes, and didn’t have any problems following the directions. He put the Mirror Decoder together by himself (very simple). He also figured out by himself how the mirror reflected the picture to make it easier to color. He was impressed and it was cute how he explained it to me. He enjoyed it and it kept him busy for quite a while.”

Sports for All Sorts Kit Reviews
“Droolicious Morph-O-Scopes!” “This brain-bending art kit was perfect to bring on vacation and whip out just when the kids started to go squirrelly. Back at home it’s still in high demand!”
Five Stars! “Morph-O-Scopes are incredibly cool.” “High quality creative toy with lots of fun for the money.”
“Morph-O-Scopes are Certified Cool!”  “I can tell you this: my boys, and these are teens we are talking about (guys who normally wouldn’t be caught dead coloring at their ages), both agreed that Morph-O-scopes are really cool and strongly encouraged me to review them on the site.”
“What is it? Why it’s awesome!” “I love finding ‘low-tech’ toys and activities that hold my children’s attention. My newest discovery? Morph-O-Scopes from OOZ & OZ!” “Jojo is not normally a coloring enthusiast (I recently had to force him to complete his school coloring contest entry), but the ‘magic’ of the Morph-O-Scope holds his attention.”
“The Coolest activity set your grandchildren don’t know about” “We like these kits because they’re inexpensive, simple, and engage kids far longer and more often than your average coloring page.” “If your grandchildren are inspired to be the most popular kids at show-and-tell….”

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
“Our (Home School) family loves Morph-o-scopes!” “The entire item – from the concept to the components – is phenomenal, and the price is right!” “Our son with autism has greatly improved the steadiness of his writing after regularly ‘playing’ with his Morph-o-scopes! The travel capability is also a plus.”

Distorted Dino Packet Review
“Toys with Imagination: OOZ & OZ Morph-O-Scopes makes for some serious fun!” “Morph-O-Scopes made for a great family activity. I must admit, I enjoyed the challenge of coloring my own distorted dinosaur just as much as my son enjoyed watching me do it!”

Fairies Fantasy Packet Review
“Optical illusion adds a new dimension to kids’ coloring.” “The surprise was magical—the unidentifiable shape became a lovely drawing of a fairy hopping a ride on a dragonfly. ‘How did they do that,’ asked my granddaughter….My husband explained to her about optical illusions.” 

Halloween Party Fun Pack for 8 Review
“Must-have entertainment.” “The Halloween version of The Morph-O-Scopes Party Fun Pack is an essential party entertainment pack for parents who will be hosting festivities for several children. (It) is arguably the most enticing Halloween-themed product in the arts and crafts market due to its ability to captivate the minds of children and appeal to their creative side.”
“Get ready to be dazzled this Halloween!” “Morph-O-Scopes are great for group activities such as sleep overs, birthday parties, and let’s not forget – Halloween parties! My super picky 6 year old thought it was “wicked cool” – what more could a parent want?”
“…Unique and engaging” optical illusion coloring activities…”

Love from Families

From Kids

“Mom, this is a really weird kit, but it’s the coolest kit I’ve ever had. And it’s got science too!” Nathan B., age 9

“My sisters could not put the cup and the papers down. My mother was really surprised about the shapes and sizes. My dad thought it was really cool also.” Monique M., age 10

“This is sooooooo cool!” Lee D., age 8

“Ooooh neat!” Kelly M., age 10

“Definitely awesome!” Corey C., age 15

“Oh! Come and see this magic thing!” Morgan, age 9

“This is Cool!” Samantha, age 8

“This is so cool!” Andrea, age 6

“It’s cool!” Lindsey, age 7

“I really like this!” Quincie, age 8

“Oh my god!” Leila

“I love it!” Kelly, age 8

“This is cool!” Zachery, age 9

“Oh, WOW!” Steve

“That’s awesome!” Kelvin, age 12

“I love this; it’s fun and great for entertainment.” Miriam, age 20

From Parents & Grandparents

“I knew Nathan (9) would like Morph-O-Scopes. What surprised me was just how much he loved it! He enjoys doing artwork, but he’s also my science kid. When he finished his first (morph) and started on another, I asked what he thought of his Morph-O-Scope Sports Kit. He said “Mom, this is a really weird kit, but it’s the coolest kit I’ve ever had. And it’s got science too!” Erika B., New Hampshire

“I KNOW it’s a great product when my eldest daughter approves!” Elizabeth D., Centerville, VA

“We didn’t wait for Julie’s birthday to open it up – both kids charged ahead and had fun….” Vanessa O., Summit NJ

“Tonight my three boys (14, 21, and 26) started playing with the Morph-O-Scopes on the coffee table. Yeh, it was sweet. Wish you could have seen the puzzled expressions on their faces as they tried figuring out how to draw the plus sign. I just loved the way it engaged them. For all the iPods and Blackberries they carry around, they were still intrigued.” Bruce F., NY

“It kept them engaged a lot longer than anything else out there!”  Roger T., NJ

“My wife loved it!” Len C., NYC

“They were a hit! It kept 7 eight-year-old boys mesmerized and intrigued. That in itself was a miracle!”Effie T., Fairfax, VA

“Even the parents thought it was great and sat down to color!”  Debbie L., Springfield, VA

“The activity went for almost two hours! When the girls were done coloring they passed around the placemats to see what each other had done.” Craig H., Seattle, WA

“I will definitely buy it!” Gramma

In the Media

2014 Academics' Choice Brain Toy Award for Sports of All Sorts Kit!

“Academics’ Choice Awards bring recognition to the best brain-boosting, genuinely effective learning tools that stimulate the mind, and provide potential for the student to fully develop higher order thinking skills and superior decision-making ability. We believe mind-building, eye-opening products are worth sharing. Our independent panel of product-appropriate judges, including parents, educators, and children, and the Academics’ Choice board of advisors determined that the Morph-O-Scopes “Sports of All Sorts” Kit is worthy of this special recognition.”

What Should I Do With the Rest of My Life?

by Bruce Frankel

2011 Silver Medal Winner – Nautilus Book Award and Axiom Business Book Award

It is a common refrain. Be it the loss of a job at middle age or an impending retirement, many of us find ourselves asking “What Should I Do with the Rest of My Life?” A scientific revolution has been slowly brewing. The stereotypes of old age have been tossed aside and a groundswell of research has emerged, confirming that our brains can remain fit as we get older. We need only a goal to motivate and a little discipline to spark a new life. What Should I do with the Rest of My Life? shares inspiring tales of thirteen people who looked 60 in the face and realized it was only the beginning. These thirteen are doing what many want to do – living their dreams and succeeding in the improbable and the significant. Myrna Hoffman is honored to be one of the lucky thirteen.

Our Cup Runneth Over!

From Educators

“Great reaction from the kids. Lots of teachers asked where did this come from!!!!!” Martin (UK teacher)

“The children I work with have emotional and behavioral disorders, but (Dinos) is just perfect to engage them. Kids will love this. Thanks. Now I’ll have a great afternoon in class.” Martin (UK teacher)

“.. a great addition to our educational programs! They have all the factors we require when considering new programs for kids: they are hands-on, playfully fun, educational and most importantly they include the “wow” factor that we are always looking for. “…very entertaining and unusual!”

” …fun and unique product. Really held student interest.”

“…highly captivating and easy to use for all ability levels.”

” …really creative. It makes you really concentrate…”

“It’s a great left brain, right brain exercise.”

“It could encourage the use of both hands. This is a great skill to develop.”

“They loved it. It attracted a large group during center time.”

“They really enjoy watching each other try it.”

“It creates lots of fun and laughter as they watch classmates try it.”

“The product creatively introduces the concepts of optical physics in a fun way. It is also intended to reinforce artistic, reasoning, (and) problem solving skills.”

“It would be good for a special education class, having to do with occupational therapy.”

“I would like to have one in my room…. It could open up a lot of discussions and might be good for a staff meeting, too.”

Party Planners, Group Activities/Event Planners

“Easy entertaining! They were all enthralled for an hour…what more could you want?” Jackie K., NJ
“I love your product!!!!! I have been doing parties for 6 years and this is fantastic.” Camille M., NY
“Special! Unique!” Caroline P., VA

Before & After School Recreation Center

“We love being able to offer different, affordable fun!” Karen B., VA


“Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! … again! … the morphs worked out perfect! … a huge hit … God bless! … thanks for being a part of our ministry.” Shawn H., Belen, NM – June 2010

“The campers adored the activities and wanted more! Great fun!” Joy K., PA


“I thought it was fantastic. The kids loved it!” Art G., Restaurant Franchiser, VA


“The on-site morphing was such a hit! Thank you for helping us make our goal.” Wendy F., VA